PCB Assembly

Image of the PCB assembly process

Foundation Technology specialises in the flexible batch-build of high technology PCB board manufacturing that demand high levels of quality and reliability. Our panel batch sizes typically range from 1 to 500 with lead-times from 48 hours to 4 weeks.

Foundation Technology provides flexible capacity management with eight surface mount placement machines.

It is this level of flexibility and customer approach that enables us to serve the most demanding of applications from Formula 1 Motor Racing to NASA Space Programmes.

Whether you require Surface Mount Assembly, PTH assembly or a combination of both, Foundation Technology can offer you a competitive and total PCB assembly solution.

  • Flexible Approach to Capacity Management
  • Rapid Line Changeover and Off-Line Setup
  • A Customer Focussed Team Approach
  • PCB Panel Batch sizes from 1 to 500
  • Lead-times from 48 hours to 4 weeks